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The Department of Human Settlements referred to Results 8 of the Programme of Action, which aims to create sustainable human settlements and improve the quality of life. The results were the modernization of 400,000 households in well-located informal settlements, with access to basic services and safe rentals, the implementation of a National Modernization Support Programme (NUSP), the provision of 80,000 well-located and affordable rental housing units, the declaration of restructuring zones, the accreditation of 27 municipalities for the construction of human housing , efficient use of public land for the development of human housing and a real estate market improved by the introduction of the standard mortgage credit insurance system and the financing of loans that are granted by financial institutions. Modernization of informal settlements: As of 30 September 2013, 263,989 households have benefited from improved services, which is in line with the 2014 target of 65.9% for services. The provinces had provided 205,239 formal housing units to households in informal settlements, of which 123,143 were built on newly served sites. A total of 382,915 households benefited from improved services, which is in line with the 2014 target of 95.7%. Some provinces have performed very well, while others have achieved the National Modernization Support Programme (NUSP) as part of their stated objectives: technical assistance for the modernization of informal settlements has been provided so far in 24 municipalities. A progress report from the provinces was submitted. Increased supply of well-located rental housing: the department achieved below-average results, with 46.5% of the target set for 2014. Including private rental units, this was 47,557 units (59.4% of the 2014 target). Accreditation of municipalities: six metro stations had to have received a Level 3 accreditation by July 2014, which meant that grants were paid directly to them and allowed them to take full control of the provision of housing in their territories. The Finance and Budget Committee has identified a number of operational issues that are currently outstanding.

The deadline for signing these agreements is still being negotiated. Effective land use for human development: there have been many challenges in the areas of capital financing for acquisition, the period of land unblocking, the company`s interest in land, land claims on certain priority lands, poor planning and preparation for the acquisition and unblocking of land; some land needs to be renovated and would cost a lot of money.

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