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Only committed professionals and lawyers offer you the best services to establish your agreements. PS. We are also open to businesses and owners who need our service on a regular basis. Please read the reference to . We will re-educate your agreement and insert them for registration. Fill out the form or send all your documents to: [email protected] Our staff will check your documents to verify the aunthenticity. Below are the necessary documents for the preparation of your rental contract registered online: (a) hair cards adreed by owners and tenants, (b) PAN card of the owner/owner and (c) electricity bill of the house that is rented. Bring your friends on board and earn 50 Rs on their first trade. Online Registered Rent Agreement is a much-needed document for people residing in the state of Maharashtra. Compared to offline, online, which is launched by the Maharashtra government, is fast, efficient and easy to prepare.

Our team will contact you and make an appointment with our management for the identity validation process. Once paid, the team is in contact with relevant content on the 24×7 site; or e-mail or WhatsApp. And yes, we will share the draft copy as soon as they are ready for your verification. Q Why are 5 missed attempts (25 recent attempts)… We`ve got your back. Get an additional Rs 50 discount if you complete your payment within the first 2 days. PLEASE THE BUTTON BELOW TO OPEN THE CALCULATOR TO CALCULATE THE COST OF MAKING THIS AGREEMENT: After the conclusion of Stage 3, the Registered Rent Agreement will be submitted for approval to the Government Under-Registration Office. The authorization can last up to 2-3 business days, then the original registered softcopy is sent by email to parties (owners and tenants). Q1. Backdating and Frontdating / Forward Dating in the start date of…

It takes 3-15 days to complete the entire process based on the complexity of the details, planning and location. If requested for Hardcopy, it would be shipped to your indicated address. She likes to help people make their lives more enjoyable. For more than 6 years, she has been working in customer service to improve the customer experience. Once Stage 1 is complete, the draft online rental agreement is sent to parties – landlords and tenants on their email for approval. After approval, we will take the next step. After the conclusion of Stage 2, government royalties, i.e. stamp duty and registration fees, are acquired on behalf of the parties (owners and tenants) for the establishment of this vacation and licence contract online, and then the time and place of completion of the biometrics of the owner and tenants are set and concluded.

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