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It was also reported that Eritrea was receiving financial assistance from Iran and military assistance from Israel. Even after Ethiopia severed diplomatic relations with Israel in 1973, Israeli military aid continued after derg`s military junta seeded power, including spare parts and ammunition for U.S.-made weapons and service to U.S. F-5 fighter jets. [2] Israel also had a small group of military advisers in Addis Ababa. [2] The Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the news that it denied the existence of an Israeli base on its islands. However, an intensive study by the Center for Political and Strategic Studies, published by al-Ahram in June 2006 entitled “Isaias Afewerki`s Regime and Developing Relations with Israel”, confirmed that the problem was far more serious than Israeli military bases on Eritrean soil. It revealed a strategic relationship between the two governments, which began with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki visiting Israel in 1993 for medical treatment. In 1990, Israeli-Ethiopian relations strengthened. According to the New York Times, Israel provided 150,000 rifles, cluster bombs, 10 to 20 military advisers to form the Mengistus Presidential Guard and an unknown number of instructors to work with Ethiopian command units. According to unconfirmed reports, Israel provided surveillance cameras to the Ethiopian Air Force and agreed to train Ethiopian pilots.

[2] Around the Red Sea, there are six foreign military bases, the oldest belongs to France and one of the youngest in China. Thus, the Red Sea has the largest presence and the largest river of multinational civilian and military vessels. This is not the first indication of a secret Israeli military presence in the small African country, but Stratfor`s report is the most detailed to date. It was preceded by an agreement signed in 1995 between Eritrea and Israel. Eritrea used Israeli warships and enormous logistical support from this naval base during the occupation of the Hunaish island of Yemen in 1996. The sources revealed that Israel was present on two Eritrean islands: Dahlak and Fatma. Israeli nuclear waste accumulates on these islands. Israel also has observation centres on the Red Sea to monitor, in addition to oil movements, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Sudan. In exchange for this aid, Ethiopia allowed the emigration of Beta Israel. The number of departures in the spring reached about 500 people per month, before Ethiopian officials adopted new emigration procedures, which reduced the number by more than two-thirds.

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