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Terry Ezra (Chairman)
Stella Stevenson (Vice Chairman)
Keiran Doyle (General Secretary)
Bernadette O’Connor (Treasurer)
Rod Martin (KAA Web site)

Dojo Representatives:

Terry Ezra (Dojo representative – Komyokan)
Nick Waites (Dojo representative – Koteikan)
Paulo Cruz (Dojo representative – Glasgow)
Brendan Quinn (Dojo representative – Matlock)
Alex Creamer (Dojo representative – Canterbury)
Mo Chahi (Dojo representative – London)
Aziz Meknassi, (Dojo representative – Coventry)

Latest News

2021 Zoom Event – This Thursday…

Ezra Shihan Interview by Burwell Aikido Club – February, Thursday 4th

2021 Course Dates

All courses are cancelled until further notice.

Course details will be published near their time.


Interview with Ezra Shihan – Part 1

Interview With Ezra Shihann – Part 2

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