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I signed this place four years ago. Put in for one or two rooms. Call them recently to update my number. So the guy was like, “Oh, you`re not on the waiting list anymore,” right? How??? “They didn`t reset on our letter to stay on the waiting list,” he said. I have not received any dam letters that say anything. If I`m not here now, how does he know I`m using it or even that I know my data when I`m not in the systems list? Why should I stop 4 years of waiting, unless I`ve been in a happy house that lets you know. That`s ridiculous. 4 years down in the spillway. There is no chance of having a house from this place. Rubbish housing Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association Ltd was founded in 1996.

The Main Activities of the Association focus on the Greater Pollock area of Glasgow, where a variety of apartments are made available for rent, and the Ardler property in Dundee, where a major regeneration project has been completed. Step away from the sanctuary! I`ve been renting in an apartment for over 3 years. I finally decided to go private 4 months ago, which was the best decision I made, and today, 4 months after the extract, they decided to send me a letter of more than $1400 in “damage” to the apartment where I lived🤣! Mr. Lmfao. There were two shady closet doors in the kitchen. One came out and the other came out, let me tell you that I left the kitchen doors when I left so they could put them back. But what don`t they do instead? Decide to get a whole kitchen unit equipped and charge me the full price. It`s disgusting! Sanctuary Housing is the worst.

I have had so many problems with them during the 14 years I have been a tenant of them. They refused to update my kitchen and boiler more than 5 years ago, even though all the other tenants in the building did their job. Unfortunately, I missed my appointment because I had surgery in the hospital for breast cancer. After explaining all this to them and asking them to come back, I was told they would not do it. I`m going to keep looking at it, because I`m entitled to an upgrade and because they don`t want to spend money on these properties, I have to miss it. Three years ago, my neighbour on the ground floor told me that my toilets were leaking into her bathroom when I was doing the dishes. Sanctuary technicians went out on numerous occasions and none of them were able to solve the problem. Finally, about a year and a half later, one of the technicians finally found out what the problem was and stopped the leak. Unfortunately, to get to the back of the toilet, he had to take out the tiles and leave me with a massive hole in the bathroom wall. After at least a year of trying to arrange for them to retile and change the toilets that were not properly flushed, November of last year, they agreed to change the toilet and then retile the massive hole. The inspector agreed to change the bathroom and pelvis because everything was old and dilapidated. You told me that I would have an appointment to do the work within 6 weeks.

I hadn`t heard from them since that November day, the work wasn`t finished, Kovide`s time was up, and I was so stressed that I decided to leave because I`m constantly disappointed with this housing company and it costs me too much to have to take a break from work. Today, October 2020, 11 months later, I had booked an annual gas inspection. On the work day for which I am not paid, and at 4:39 p.m., someone from the gas crew called me to tell me that the engineer cannot participate elsewhere because of an emergency. I`m so frustrated right now. I had to call my team leader to see if I could have more free time for him, to be back next week.

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