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“The transaction agreement is a responsible and practical approach to cooperating with environmental communities to find the best way to solve known mobility problems, while preserving valuable environmental areas and resources,” said Hasan Ikhrata, Executive Director of SCAG, at the announcement of the award. Subsequently, Ottolia responded to the city`s and HOA`s argument that a separate safeguard agreement between environmental groups, TCA and Caltrans in March 2017 was illegal and invalid because only Michael Kraman, TCA`s chief executive, had signed it and without the approval of TCA`s board of directors. “The Transaction Agreement (TCA) leaves open several viable options for the completion of the State Highway 241 extension project (“SR-241″), which could be identified, evaluated and potentially pursued in a manner consistent with existing legislation and meeting the transportation needs of the CAW,” the judgment states. In August 2017, the City and The Reserve filed separate lawsuits against TCA, which are challenging the transaction and claim the deal was reached without an environmental assessment or public input. There is a statement from the city of San Clemente that the safeguard agreement under the Save San Onofre Coalition requires Caltrans to build a toll road and prevents it from exploring other means of reducing traffic. (d) Any qualified beneficiary or agent may ask the court to approve an out-of-court transaction agreement, to verify whether the representation provided for in Part 3 of this chapter was appropriate, and to determine whether the agreement contains conditions that the court could have properly approved. The Foothill-South Settlement Agreement, announced last November, follows 20 years of efforts by the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) to obtain approval for the development of National Highway 241 (SR-241). The agreement paves the way for a new process and allows TCA to explore a number of transportation ideas, including options that link SR-241 to Interstate 5 while protecting sensitive lands and cultural resources. As part of the 2016 transaction agreement, TCA agreed not to build an extension of toll road 241 by the San Mateo Watershed and Trestles. As a result of this agreement, the TCA and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) began to consider a large number of proposals for the 241 for the Connection to Interstate 5.

Some of these proposals, which are currently limited, would cut San Clemente. “We are honored to recognize the CAW and the transaction agreement – an incredibly complex effort that will ultimately improve transportation mobility while protecting environmentally sensitive areas,” said Michele Martinez, Santa Ana City Councilman and President of SCAG. The Surfrider Foundation`s priorities have always been focused on protecting coastal resources and improving access to coastlines, seas and recreation. The San Mateo Creek Basin is one of the least developed in South Orange County and is responsible for the creation of the world-renowned Trestles surf spot, the only surfing site in North America that is part of the annual World Championship Tour Surf Event. The proposed alignment could have had an impact not only on local coastal resources, but also on the fact that it would have set a precedent for the transformation of public parks into private development. The historic 2016 contract protected a natural park for millions of people and contributes more than $8 million a year to San Clemente. The colony ended one of the most contested ecological battles in California`s history and protected the coast for these generations and for future generations. The settlement agreement founded by the Surfrider Foundation and the Save San Onofre Coalition protected Trestles Surf Break and San Onofre State Beach of 241 Foothill South Mautstrasse.

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