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Therefore, if these are long-term leases entered into during the reporting period, unpaid rights holders are required to recognize an unregured lease; are therefore painful successors who know their existence. Unbeknownst successors are bound for the first ten years of the lease when the tenant is in the profession. A rental agreement is the owner`s right of ownership. In the case of a tenancy transaction, the title transferred to the tenant is an exclusive property and not a property. Therefore, the owner retains ownership of the leased property which can only be transferred to the tenant by disposal (with a sales contract and a declaration of transfer) or by donation (declaration of donation). A rental agreement in which the tenant pays rent that does not involve fees, fees or interest and in which the property always remains in the hands of the owner is not subject to the NCA. A contract in which a tenant leases a property permanently is not a lease; It`s a different kind of contract. For long, unregistered contracts, the huur gaat voor koop rule applies for the first ten years of their existence. 3. Deadline security. The duration of the rental must be determined. Therefore, the duration of the lease must be certain. It may be a fixed duration, for example.

B a year, two weeks or a month. It can also be periodic (as in regular leases), as every week, monthly, annually. As mentioned above, the rental contract (locatio conductio) had three forms in Roman law: locatio conductio rei, locatio conductio operis and locatio conductio operarum. Roman-Dutch law has adopted this position and is still in force in South Africa. The modern rental contract is therefore the Roman conductio locatio, the rental or rental of a thing. There are four main options with respect to the “fair and reasonable” amount held by the parties: b) the aforementioned creditor or successor at the time of the granting of the credit or entry into the transaction by which he acquired the leased property or part of it or acquired a real right to it in respect of it , was aware of the lease. Voet says that rent cannot take the form of a “single room” (penny pension). This would mean that there is no lease, because it looks more like a gift.

However, the court still has to consider the actual nature of the transaction, as it is not legally impossible to have a lease with nominal rent. In addition, in the event of a long lease of land for which a title is titled, the parties (particularly the taker) would be well advised to have the lease remediated against the property authorization and thus register in the provisions of the FRLL Act. Most of the time, landlords cannot enter a tenant`s apartment without their permission and sufficient notification, which usually takes 24 hours. The lease agreement must specify when and how the owner can enter the premises and who is responsible for the repairs. Home renters are generally required to maintain the property and carry out repairs on units and common areas. In addition, a dependent successor is bound for the duration of the long lease if he “learned” that the lease “exists” at the time of entry into the transaction by which he acquired the leased property. In this regard, mere knowledge is not sufficient, for occupation could be evidence of a short lease. You should know that there was a long lease. The obligation to prove the required knowledge rests with the tenant. However, contrary to Roman law, the doctrine of “leasing-trumpf” is imposed in South Africa.

The tenant has under a rental agreement only a personal right against the landlord which allows him to demand possession of the rental property (res locata). As soon as the tenant takes possession of the res, he acquires for the duration of the lease a real limited right erga omnes in der res and is then protected by the Maxime huur gaat vo koopor.

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