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The Memorandum of Understanding is a formal business document. It describes an agreement between two parties, either groups or individuals. In most cases, it is preceded by a more detailed contract between the parties. The main purpose of this type of agreement is to have a written understanding of the agreement. In most cases, this agreement is quite simple, followed by a detailed contract based on data from a memorandum of understanding. Nevertheless, in some cases, a memorandum of understanding can also be a good agreement. Either way, you have to do it professionally. For example, if an organization agreed, at the request of a funder, to act as a transfer of money to another organization that had not yet received its federal tax-exempt classification. The first organization would simply ask the funder for money at reasonable intervals and give it to the second. They must be linked, for example, to the sharing of space, cooperation on common goals, any organization that contributes to a common effort or agreements to serve on the boards of directors of the other. The Tool Box assumes that most small organizations, whether designing contracts or agreements, have already discussed the terms with the contractor or signatory and that in the final document there will be no surprise to anyone. .

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All courses upto 30th May are now cancelled including the Spring Course.

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