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According to Customs Union legislation, a brokerage contract must be signed between a cnee/cnor importer/exporter (a represented company) and DHL Express (a customs representative). A customer can choose a customs representative or declare the goods himself. DHL may add or modify data communicated to customs authorities for customs clearance purposes, such as declared values, classification of goods and information relating to the importer, on the basis of evidence collected or confirmed by the importer or exporter, and only at the request of the customs authorities or at the request of the importer/exporter. This service is only available if the parties have mutually agreed. Used in some countries, goods whose aggregate declaration value or weight exceeds the limits set by the customs authorities of destination, or other regulatory requirements, are excluded from routine registration on a consolidated manifest and therefore require registration under an individual entry form. DHL Express is the international shipping specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in managing customs matters worldwide. For your safety, we offer a wide range of customs assistance for standard and non-routine customs clearance processes. By ensuring that customs clearance runs smoothly and efficiently, we ensure that your shipments arrive as quickly as possible and that you can focus on your core business. With our online tool (, we provide you with important customs information that will help you prepare your shipments.

If customs clearance takes more than three days from the date of arrival of the shipment, due to circumstances that are not controlled by DHL Express (including, but not limited to, inaccurate or missing documents, lack of decision by the customs authorities), a fee will be levied for storage in a customs document. The fee comes into effect three days after the date of arrival of the shipment or the notification of the broker, depending on the later date, and is the responsibility of the importer. At the request of importers, DHL may arrange a number of paperwork for control procedures required by a regulatory authority to facilitate the clearance of a shipment in a country or customs union. The agency fees are then charged to the importer. Shipments containing different goods are subject to a multi-year registration fee for each additional item. All products are labelled and must be classified under clear harmonised codes. The fee applies to the taxpayer and customs officers. All individual transits must be agreed in advance with DHL RU and a customer (applicant).

Applies in countries where an export declaration is required for shipments containing controlled goods or exceeding a value threshold or weight. . . .

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