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Yes, but most mediators and lawyers would advise against it. As a rule, an agreement is reached after a long period of discussion and compromise. Both parties tend to give up a little more to each offer and counter-offer. When the parties are about to reach an agreement, they often feel tired, frustrated and relieved. That is all part of the process. If you wait until another day, each side could change their minds. The parties may not remember why they weakened their position during the negotiations and all the work they did to reach an agreement. The deal could fail. This means that you should never sign an agreement that you are not comfortable with.

If the mediation is not successful, the institution can make a decision or issue an order. When the branch makes a decision or decision, it does not take into account offers or counter-offers made by individuals to try to solve the problem. The branch shall also not take into account information provided by a party during mediation, unless that party requires that the information be provided to a hearing officer. For example: estimates or offers for the work to be carried out, declarations by third parties. You don`t need to go to mediation. You and your landlord can try to reach an agreement without the help of a mediator. But switching to mediation can be helpful because you usually get more information about your landlord`s case against you. Remember that if you are a tenant, the landlord`s lawyer is not your lawyer. If you are a landlord, the tenant`s lawyer is not your lawyer. Every lawyer must do the best job possible for his client.

Please note that there will only be a lawsuit if the tenant has defended the landlord`s claims. You should talk to a lawyer if you are not sure if there is a reason for trial in your case. This fact sheet describes the different ways in which landlords and tenants can resolve their disputes through resolution and mediation. A landlord or tenant who wants more help can visit the Landlord Tenant Resource Center or talk to another lawyer. At the end of this sheet, you will find information on where to find legal aid. Here are some options for places where you can ask for help with settlement or mediation agreements before your hearing: you and your landlord can do this in person, by phone, or by mail or email. You can be represented by a lawyer or a lawyer in these interviews or you can do it yourself. 3. If one party is not in compliance with the agreement, the other party may request an order from the branch on the basis of the negotiated agreement. This order may not be appealed….

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