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Oracle is active in requiring companies to properly license their software. Ubuntu`s openjdk-11-jre-headless 11.0.4+11-1ubuntu2~18.04.3 does not offer ${java.home}/legal/ */LICENSE. Oracle Java SE8 updates containing oracle JRE with Java Web Start remain free for personal use, development, testing, prototyping, demonstration, and other important applications that are explained in this FAQ under the OTN License Agreement for Java SE. Personal users can continue to download Oracle Java SE 8 JRE on Starting with java version 11 (specifically JDK version 11), Java Standard Edition is no longer available under the OBCL agreement. Instead, the rights of use (and the restrictions attached to them) are subject to the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) license agreement. You may continue to use downloaded versions under the terms of the license in which you downloaded them. Legacy versions are still available in the Java archives. Note that older versions of JRE and JDK are made available to help developers troubleshoot issues in older systems.

They are not updated with the latest security patches and are not recommended for use in production. Oracle strongly recommends that you use an up-to-date Java version with the latest performance, stability, and security updates. Oracle has continued to offer free use of Java SE under the Oracle Binary Code License (OBCL) agreement since the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. This use was limited and free only if certain conditions were met. Versions earlier than 7, do not have and will not have an update. Maybe a sales contact could be a solution if you have legacy systems that go through these older java versions. In the past, Oracle has sold three different commercial licenses for Java, including: Source: Here are the main terms of the OTN license agreement versus the OBCL agreement: These additional license terms supplement or modify the terms of the binary code license agreement. Majeescrits terms that are not defined in these additional terms have the same meaning as that ascribed to them in the binary license agreement. These additional terms supersede all inconsistent or conflicting terms of the binary license agreement or any license contained in the software. These programs were sold on a named User Plus and/or processor measure (Java SE Advanced Desktop was only licensed on a named User Plus-Trik) where you paid a net license and a net support fee.

As of January 2019, this licensing model is no longer available. Oracle only provides its Java Standard Edition programs on a subscription basis: Java SE Subscription and/or Java SE Desktop Subscription. The use of business functions for commercial or production purposes requires a separate license from Oracle. “Business Functions” means the features indicated as such in the License User Manual – Oracle Java SE and Oracle Java Embedded Products Document, accessible under in the “Description of Permitted Products and Functions” section. I. SOURCE CODE. The Software may contain source code that, unless licensed for other purposes, is provided for reference purposes only in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The source code shall not be repropriated except as expressly provided in this Agreement. A strong hint is if ${java.home} /legal/java.base/LICENSE contains “Refer to”.. . . .

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